Claiming for Personal Injury Related to Housing Disrepair

What types of injuries does housing disrepair cause?

Your Landlord regardless of who they are, have a duty of care to their tenants. You may be entitled to claim in addition to the inconvenience that the disrepair has caused you. As a tenant of the Council or Housing Association you will be entitled to compensation through a housing disrepair claim.

There are many different types of injury that can be caused by housing disrepair, however below is a list of the most common personal injury claims that we come across: 

  • Developing or worsening of Respiratory diseases caused by mould or damp
  • Physical injuries caused by the disrepair (for example, an injury caused by a falling tile, door or even the ceiling)
  • Asbestos-related illnesses (this can be a problem in older houses)
  • Injuries sustained by faulty electrics
  • Developing or worsening of skin conditions due to the damp, mould or infestation. This can be a rash or worsening of Eczema or Psoriasis.  

Sometime, injuries can be more serious and develop into a longer term or life time injuries. This can be a person diagnosed with a respiratory illness due to long-term damp conditions in the property.

Importantly, there needs to be a clear link between a tenant’s health problem and the disrepair. These need to be established and proven during the claim. Legal advice will be necessary, as personal injury protocol must be followed.

How Can I Prove The Housing Disrepair Caused The Injury?

It is important to prove a direct connection with the injury and the state of disrepair in your house.

You can claim compensation for a personal injury claim caused by housing disrepair. To claim for this you will need evidence of the state of disrepair and that you have made the Landlord aware of it. This can be evidence such as photographs/videos where possible of the damage or neglect that caused the injury. 

If you’ve sustained a bruising or broken bone injury, then try to photograph the broken item that caused it. Your friends or family who witnesses the accident can also be helpful.

Most importantly, you will need medical evidence. This can be evidence of a visit to your GP, Walk in Centre or Hospital and seek treatment for the personal injury. We will then be able to obtain written notes from a medical professional that they believe there is a strong link between your injury and the state of disrepair.

How Can I Claim For Housing Disrepair?

It’s very easy to start your housing disrepair claim.

Call us or just fill in our questionnaire on the below link and we can get everything started for you.  We will respond to all online enquiries made between 9am and 6pm immediately in the same day.  We will help you claim for housing disrepair compensation

  • We will call you to discuss your issue and advise you for free. 
  • Once you are happy to proceed your solicitor will send an agreement to you to sign via a link to confirm that your solicitor will do the work on a no win no fee basis and that you are not out of pocket.
  • Your solicitor will contact your Landlord to rectify the problem and get you compensation.