Are you entitled to claim for your house not being repaired?

Are you entitled to claim for your house not being repaired?

Landlords are under a duty under law to maintain rented properties to an acceptable standard. If they fail to do so, you could be entitled to file a claim for compensation for any damages and/or any health issues or personal injury which was directly caused by the damp and mould. For example, the damp and mould could have affected your breathing which would be exacerbated if you have asthma. Additionally, the mould could have affected the floorboards causing you to trip and injure yourself. In these instances, if you have been claiming for a period of three months or longer with no action taken by your landlord, you will be entitled to compensation in relation to the damages on the property and/or any health issues which have been exacerbated as a result of the disrepair. 

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If you live in a rented property where there are cracks, damp, mould or leaks which have caused you to suffer or has exacerbated any health issues or have caused damage on the property, then you could be entitled to compensation.  Our specialist solicitors  will guide you through what is needed to file a claim and advise you on what would be included when it comes to out of pocket expenses. This could include:

· General damages

· Travel Expenses

· Medical expenses that are not covered by the NHS

· Loss of earnings

· Loss of anticipated earnings

· Care claim

· Discuss housing disrepair